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Leecraft & Newberry, P.C. in Austin provides experienced, knowledgeable and creative family law representation to clients throughout central Texas. Since 1996, Judy Leecraft has been representing families in Austin and other surrounding areas with family law matters including: divorce, property divisionchild custody and support. With the addition of her son, Joe Newberry, in 2008, Leecraft & Newberry has been a true “family” law firm. Both Judy and Joe are board-certified family law attorneys who will handle your case with care and dedication.

If you are planning a divorce and are in need of a divorce attorney, or are involved in a custody battle and are in need of child custody lawyer services, or if you have any other type of family law issue, we invite you to call our firm at 512.320.8200 to arrange a consultation. You may also fill out our contact form for one of our expert associates to follow up with you promptly.

Experienced. Knowledgeable. Creative.

Judy A. Leecraft and Joe Newberry are board-certified family law specialists, a qualification that less than one percent of Texas family law attorneys hold. Their training has prepared them to handle some of the most difficult cases, including highly contested divorces, child custody, grandparents’ rights cases, interstate custody cases, high-value property division cases, child support cases, protective orders, enforcement of child support, and other family law cases with a high rate of success.

At Leecraft & Newberry, P.C., we believe that the best solutions are the ones that are tailor made. We are highly attentive to the needs of our clients, and take pride in our ability to craft unique solutions to unique problems.

If you have a family law matter that requires help from an experienced and attentive Austin family lawyer, contact Leecraft & Newberry, P.C. today.